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IRS Help in Indiana

Do you owe back taxes or have unfiled tax returns? Are you under an IRS Audit? Do you need to appeal your case? Do you need to settle for pennies on a dollar with the IRS? Do you have a wage garnishment or bank levy? Is there a lien filed against you? get these problems off your back

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George Tannous
1-800-Tax-Tax5 - 829-8295

The following services are offered for IRS help in Indiana:

  1. Unfiled Tax Returns:  If you haven’t filed a tax return for one year, two years or ten years, we can help.  If you lost your records, no problem we can obtain them from the IRS.  So file your unfiled tax returns today.
  2. IRS Audit: Did you receive a love notice from the IRS that you are under an IRS audit for one year, two years, or multiple years.  Let us know, we can represent you and help you with your IRS audit.
  3. IRS Collection Activities: If you have an IRS wage garnishment a levy on your bank account, in need to establish a monthly payment with the IRS on IRS debt, or if you need to reduce your debt by filling an offer in compromise, we can help you with your IRS problem.
  4. IRS Appeals: If your IRS Audit didn't go the way you wanted it to, call us, we might be able to appeal the auditor's decision.
  5. IRS Offer In Compromise: Let's settle your IRS debt for pennies on a dollar.
  6. IRS Employee Audit: Also known as the 100% penalty against reposible individuals such as Corporate officers.

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